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Title: Scott Lindberg Ceramic Plate

Reference: 01746

Description: A studio pottery plate by Scott Lindberg. Scott Lindberg, an American artist worked as a potter from the 1970's till the mid 1990's. The stylised decoration on this depicting a scene from nature.

Dimensions: Diam: 20cms (8")

Price: 35


Title: Jane Hamlyn Salt Glazed Tankard

Reference: 01713

Description: A Jane Hamlyn studio pottery, salt glazed tankard. Jane Hamlyn was born in London in 1940, she became interested in potting and studied at Harrow School of Art. In 1975 she set up Millfield Pottery near Doncaster and since then has worked full-time as a potter and established a fine reputation. Jane specializes in salt glazed stoneware. Her work is thrown and hand-built, often highly decorated, and has been exhibited widely. She has an international reputation as a leading exponent of contemporary salt glaze ceramics, making functional pots for use and ornament and has work in many public collections. Impressed mark at base of handle

Dimensions: H: 15cm (6") D: 8cm (3")

Price: 85


Title: Gilbert Portainer Bowl & Lid at Vallauris

Reference: 01193

Description: A unique and rare Vallauris studio pottery bowl and cover by Gilbert Portanier, with an integral blue glass liner and hand painted decoration. Between 1945 and 1948 GILBERT PORTANIER (1926-) studied architecture and painting at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. In 1948 he discovered clay as a material to work with, at Vallauris, the ceramics centre in the south of France. There he developed his own unique style with his early work showing his mastery of drawing on pottery. In 1954 he moved into an old traditional workshop where he still is to-day. He was awarded a first gold medal at the International Exhibition in Brussels in 1953, and has participated in numerous exhibitions, including in 1955 an exhibition at the Kunstgewerbe Museum with PICASSO and Fernand LEGER, 'Every one of his pieces belongs in a museum,' thus Picasso commenting on Gilbert Portanier's ceramics'. The painter's hand, cleverly combined with the potter's, enables him to achieve very personal pieces. Painted mark to base.

Dimensions: Bowl: H: 8cm (3") Diam: 13cm (5") Lid: 8cm (3")

Price: 385


Title: Abuja Pottery T-Pot

Reference: 01411

Description: A stunning studio pottery t-pot from the Nigerian pottery, Abuja. In 1950 Michael Cardew had gone to Abuja as 'Pottery Officer' with the aim of improving the quality of the local work, he spent most of the next fifteen years there. The Abuja pottery, is now known as the Dr Ladi Kwali Pottery

Dimensions: H:(incl. lid) 18cm (7")

Price: 160


Title: Pair of Accolay Studio Pottery Vases

Reference: 02010

Description: A pair of vases from Accolay Pottery, France. Green/Brown glaze with abstract design. Accolay Pottery was started in 1945 by A. BOUTAUD, Louis DANGON, Slavic PALEY and RAUDE They initially made ceramic brooches and jewels, but it is with buttons that they first become successful, through an order of 300 buttons for Christian DIOR New Look collection in 1946. At the end of 1947, a first professional thrower named BARACHANT is hired to start a production of ceramic utilitarian pieces. as ceramic buttons are no longer fashionable. However as trends start to change, ACCOLAY, along with VALLAURIS, find it hard to survive and decline. ACCOLAY production tries to adapt however in the 80s BOUTAUD dies and the pottery closes in 1983. Incised mark to base.

Dimensions: H: 11cm (4.5") D: 14cm (5.5")

Price: 110


Title: Jug by Seth Cardew, Wenford Bridge

Reference: 01063

Description: A studio pottery jug by Seth Cardew at Wenford Bridge Pottery. Jug has a brown and blue abstract design on a gray glaze. Seth Cardew, born 1934, in Gloucestershire, is the eldest son of Michael Cardew. studied at Chelsea School of Art and Camberwell Sculpture School, where he was trained as a sculptor. After a brief period of teaching, he moved to Cornwall in 1970 to assist his father at Wenford Bridge Pottery, Bodmin. After his father's death in 1983, Seth took over the running of the pottery and carried on the tradition of making tableware in stoneware and running pottery teaching courses and still using the same wood-fired kiln as his father, whilst developing and nurturing a style of his own. All the pottery produced at Wenford Bridge begins as a unique stoneware clay body, which is a mixture of three different local clays. The glazes are also mixed and ball-milled on site and were developed specifically for use with the Wenford clay body by Michael Cardew over half a century ago. Each piece of stoneware offered by Seth has been personally thrown and hand decorated. The glaze has run into the mark and obscured it.

Dimensions: H: 17cm (6.5") Diam(widest): 14cm (5.5")

Price: 98


Title: Yelland Pottery Planter

Reference: 01706

Description: A studio pottery planter from Michael Leach's Pottery, Yelland, with combed pattern. Michael Leach (1913-1985) was Bernard Leach's younger son. He spent a short time at the Leach ST Ives Pottery, before serving in the army during the Second World War. During his time in the army, he set up two potteries in East Africa to make utensils for the troops. After the war he worked with Agnete Hoy at Buller's, returning to St Ives Pottery in 1948. In 1955 he left to set up Yelland Pottery at Fremington, Devon, where he remained until his retirement in 1984. Yelland pottery stamp to base.

Dimensions: H: 10cm (4") Diam: 13cm (5")

Price: 22


Title: Muchelney (John Leach) Pottery Jug

Reference: 00345

Description: A delightful studio pottery jug from John Leach's Muchelney Pottery. John Leach is the eldest son of David Leach and the eldest grandson of Bernard Leach. He was born in St Ives in 1939. He studied under his grandfather and father at St Ives, Colin Pearson at Aylesford and Ray Finch at Winchcombe. In 1963 he went to the USA to teach and opened a pottery in Northern California. He returned to England in 1964 and set up Muchelney Pottery in Muchelney in Somerset. The stoneware produced at Muchelney is glazed on the inside and on the outside shows the beautiful warm flame marks produced by the toasting of the 1300C firing, as typified by this jug. Working at the pottery with John are Nick Rees and Mark Melbourne. The oven-to-table ware is of very high quality, as are the studio pieces produced at the pottery. In recent years John has lectured and staged demonstrations in Europe, Scandinavia, North America and the West Indies.

Dimensions: H: 18cm Diam: 8cm

Price: 28


Title: Sidney Tustin, Winchcombe, Dish &

Reference: 01705

Description: A stunning studio pottery handled dish and lid by Sidney Tustin for Winchcombe Pottery. The dish uses the typical brown & yellow glazes of Winchcombe with a slipware design on the lid. SIDNEY TUSTIN (1913-2005) was the backbone of the Winchcombe Pottery for 50 years and was, almost certainly, the most prolific Western potter of the 20th century. Sydney Tustin is greatly admired by other potters and his pots are well-made, extremely likable and have a light decorative touch. His emphasis on precision and the clever use of combining different coloured slips is reflected in this dish. Sidney Tustin loved slipware and continued making it until 1964. Impressed Winchcombe and Potters mark on base.

Dimensions: H: 10cm (4") W: (excl. handle) 10cm (4")

Price: 39


Title: Studio Pottery Sculpture by Mohammad Mehdi Anoushf

Reference: 01103

Description: A Studio Pottery Stoneware Sculpture by Mohammad Mehdi Anoushfar. Mohammad Mehdi Anoushfar(born 1945) is one of Iran's top potters, he gained a BA in Sculpture at Tehran University and has participated in many individual and group exhibitions. A blue textured glaze. Incised signature to base. c. 1980's/90's

Dimensions: H: 13cm (5") D: 13cm (5")

Price: 48

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